AVERT launches digital campaign to mark World AIDS Day

| 1st Dec 14

To mark World AIDS Day on 1st December, charity AVERT has launched a new digital campaign to encourage young people to get tested for HIV.

Short comedy, ‘First Date Sex Fail’ follows a young couple in their twenties, on their first proper date. Over the course of the evening, the chemistry between them heightens to the point that they get carried away and forget to use a condom. Several weeks later, they both test for HIV, and talk about how easy it was.

Chief Executive of AVERT, Sarah Hand, said: “With this campaign we wanted to use comedy to tap into the reality that some young people, even with the best intentions, have unprotected sex. Without apportioning blame we want young people to know that the important thing, for themselves and future partners, is to get tested.”

“HIV testing is vital for achieving the long-term goal of ending the HIV epidemic and we owe it to young people in particular to provide the appropriate information and resources so that they may have healthy sex lives.”

The campaign, called ‘Update Your Status’ also features a game that aims to break down the barriers to HIV testing by dispelling the myths and revealing what really happens. In addition, the charity is calling on donors and decision-makers to invest in improved and more accessible HIV testing for young people.

Follow the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #UpdateYourStatus.