Online platform set to engage millennials and transform charitable giving

Founder Matt Kebble hopes that Makerble will create a level playing field between small and larger charities by providing equal opportunities to reach new potential donors online.

| 24th Nov 14

A new online fundraising platform, Makerble, has launched, which is set to transform the world of charitable giving.

The platform is the world’s first to use gamification techniques to illustrate social impact. It works by matchmaking an individual’s personal interest with a range of charitable causes and encourages them to donate as little as £1 per month; placing the emphasis on the impact of the donation rather than the amount given.

Founder Matt Kebble created the platform to encourage more millennials to donate to charity. According to research, millennials are cynical about giving to charities and would prefer to volunteer rather than donate money. Similarly, although Gen Y donors contributed the least financially to charities, they are the most engaged group online, with 1 in 4 ( 27%) following a cause on a social network and (25%)  sharing that cause’s online content with others. Matt believes that there is a real opportunity for the charitable sector to innovate and engage with this group.

He said: “Millennials do want to give to charity and actually have significant untapped economic power however they want to know exactly where their money is going.  They want greater transparency in the charitable sector and to actually see the difference their money is making- that’s what Makerble does.”

“Makerble also appeals to 20 / 30 somethings’ because it encourages people to give as they live based on their own personal interests hence the slogan ‘change to world your way’. My generation are too busy making a living and enjoying life to consciously set up direct debits and conduct thorough research on all the various charitable causes they could sponsor.  They are passionate about giving but just want to do it in a way that fits in with their lifestyle. That’s what Makerble is all about- it acts a concierge of your charitable giving doing all the hard work so you don’t have to. It also provides regular updates in a way that is modern, appealing and meaningful using the latest technology”.

Matt also hopes Makerble will create a level playing field between small and larger charities by providing equal opportunities for smaller charities to reach new potential donors online.

“According to research 70% of funding goes to the top 1% of the biggest charities in the UK and 1 in 6 charities are at risk of closure due to insufficient funding. I believe Makerble can support smaller charities to reach a wider audience and therefore potential donor base, which may not ever get the chance to hear of their work. We already have quite a number of smaller charities on our books.”