Online payment processor Charity Checkout reaches £2m milestone

| 21st Nov 14

Online payment processing company, Charity Checkout, has helped raised over £2m for charity.

The social enterprise, which launched its flagship service in January 2012, says that the majority of its growth has been in the last year, after the launch of its Direct Debit service for small charities. The second million was raised in the last six months alone.

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, founder of Charity Checkout said: “We specialise in supporting small charities that find the costs or technical requirements of traditional payment processing prohibitive. The industry status quo is to charge smaller organisations more to compensate for their low transaction volume. We take the opposite approach offering discounts for smaller charities to ensure our payment service is accessible to all good causes. We’re delighted to have reached the £2m landmark, but there is still a lot more to achieve and many more small charities to help access online donations.”

The company charges a transaction fee of 2.43% on all donations with an annual subscription from £99 per year for the smallest of charities. According to Charity Checkout, its average donation value is £56.61 and it has processed almost 40,000 donations so far.