Cloud technology helps cancer charity boost donations by 40%

| 21st Nov 14

Cloud solutions provider NewVoiceMedia, has announced that the Canadian Cancer Society is using its ContactWorld technology to increase donations and engagement.

Since deploying NewVoiceMedia’s solutions in February, the charity has created an omni-channel engagement centre to manage relationships with event participants, volunteers and survivors and increased donors’ charitable contributions by 40%.

NewVoiceMedia’s seamless integration with Salesforce helps maximise data from past interactions and enables personalised and valuable conversations. With flexible dialling capabilities, the charity’s agents are able to turn calls into connections and successfully target fundraising and event efforts. Furthermore, real-time dashboards and extensive reporting provide insights into engagement opportunities.

Catherine Moore, senior director of strategic engagement and platform development at Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan Division, said: “We wanted to emphasise the quality of relationships with participants, volunteers, donors and cancer survivors to reach more people with our support programs and increase our fundraising. NewVoiceMedia has been a game-changer for our organisation. Now we are better able to engage with people to increase the impact of our support, prevention and advocacy programs.”

Jonathan Gale, CEO at NewVoiceMedia, said: “We’re honoured that NewVoiceMedia played a part in furthering the Saskatchewan Division of the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission to fund cancer research. Our solutions’ seamless integration with Salesforce, reporting capabilities and ability to scale, has helped the Society exceed its fundraising and participation expectations, while offering patients, donors and volunteers the best possible experience.”