0300 phone numbers for your charity: what you need to know

Matt Moorut | 21st Nov 14

The 0300 dialling code was introduced by telecoms regulator Ofcom in order to allow not-for-profit organisations, charities and public bodies to offer consumers a single point of contact nationally.

Oxfam, Unicef and the RSPCA are among the many charities that have already switched over to an 0300 number – and it is expected that every other major charity in the UK will need to change within the next year.

Dial2Donate is an organisation which provides 0300 numbers to charitable organisation absolutely free of charge. To help you get to grips with how your charity could benefit from its service, as well as 0300 numbers in general, Dial2Donate has put together this handy set of answers to questions frequently asked by charities.

You can contact Dial2Donate using the form at the end of this article to find out more about how your charity could benefit.

How much do 0300 numbers cost to call?

The 03 number range was introduced in an attempt to clear up confusion about how much calls cost, especially following years of consumers being unsure about the price of calling 08 numbers. The 0300 number range specifically is reserved for designated public bodies and registered UK charities.

0300 numbers cost exactly the same as any 01/02 (geographic) number and should be treated exactly the same. As most people receive free inclusive minutes with their mobile/landline package, calls to 0300 numbers are free to person dialling and cost the same nominal rate as to any 01/02 number outside of these inclusive minutes.

What are the call costs to my charity?

Although we are able to provide the number, infrastructure, web-portal and 24 hour support for free, incoming calls do incur a cost. This stands at 1.8 pence per minute, and will be billed monthly at a per-second rate.

What do I get for free as part of my 0300 number?

We are able to provide as many 0300 numbers as realistically required by your charity, plus access to an online management portal with iPhone/android app for easy access and management of your number.

The portal gives you access to a fully cloud based telecom solution with the latest features available to 0300 numbers. This includes features such as call statistics (including marketing reports that show call volume, location-based heat maps and more), call routing, disaster recovery and much more.

Will getting an 0300 number effect my current setup/provider/contract?

No – the 0300 number will sit on top of any existing telecom setup you have. Any number that your have will be retained, and our system will simply connect through to the selected telephone lines of your choice.

What is in it for Dial2Donate?

The team behind Dial2Donate already run a successful telecoms company aimed at the private sector. With over 30 years combined experience, Dial2Donate was created as a way for us to give back to the local community and get involved with appeals close to our heart. The free 0300 numbers are our way of passing on our main area of expertise to charities.


For more information about how your charity could benefit from using 0300 numbers, contact Dial2Donate below:

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