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Why should charities hire digital marketing apprentices?

Charities are increasingly seeing the benefits of hiring apprentices, as young people can inject new ideas and innovation, especially in the area of technology.

A digital marketing apprentice can help a charity in many ways, from monitoring its social media activity to assisting with email marketing campaigns.

Check out these five tasks a digital marketing apprentice can do when working for a charity:

  1. Manage digital marketing campaigns. The apprentice could be solely in charge of boosting your charity’s social media presence. This will drive traffic to your website, raising awareness of your cause and ultimately increasing donations.
  1. Work across a range of social media platforms. The young digital marketing apprentice of today grew up with multiple social media platforms, not just Facebook and Twitter. This knowledge will allow him or her to reach more people and grow your supporter base.
  1. Manage relationships with external agencies. Not everything has to take place online; the digital marketing apprentice can be tasked with networking and collaborating with external organisations.
  1. Keep your website up-to-date. Digital marketing apprentices have the opportunity to explore web development, which will allow your charity to make quick updates and become more responsive.
  1. Boost your Google ranking. Digital marketing apprentices learn Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques which will help your charity have a more prominent position when searched for online.

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  • Deepraj Das

    Yes it is totally based on social media platform and apprentices are hired to use their ideas for boosting up the channels to make the subject more viral but not spammed. Most of charities are working on health and cure, autistic therapies and ind interventions are mostly based on different charity workshops.

    So, both charities and life science companies are in the race of digital marketing but life science companies can pay a lot for their promotion and leads, where charities are dependent upon social media work.

    B3NETBIO is a Life Science Digital Marketing Firm has published an article on, 5 Useful Lead generation Strategies.

    Where some points are focused,

    # eBooks & Whitepapers

    # Blogs based on Your Business

    # Webinars

    # Email Marketing

    # Video Marketing

    These are very low cost and can be affordable.