Interview with Caroline Clark, DONATEevents

| 17th Nov 14

Charity Digital News recently caught up with Caroline Clark to talk about DONATEevents, a mobile fundraising service launched by registered charity the National Funding Scheme.

Tell us a bit about DONATEevents and how it all began?

Our charity the National Funding Scheme was set up to make it easier for guests at donate in real-time at gala dinners, receptions, concerts etc., in fact anywhere where you have a live audience supporting charitable causes. Our experience showed that donors are much more likely to give at ‘the moment of intensity’ when hearing about the charitable cause.

What sets DONATEevents apart from other fundraising technologies?

We are unique for several reasons. We’re the only mobile giving service which allows the donor to pay for one off donations, live and silent auction items (where applicable) and make text donations, via the DONATE platform all of which feed live to a totaliser screen at the event. Guests can choose to pay via credit/debit/Amex or PayPal. Our charitable status allows us to collect Gift Aid, on eligible donations, directly from the HMRC saving our clients the time and effort involved in this. The system also captures donor data (subject to donor’s permission) unlike PDQ payment terminals, which we pass to the charity so they can thank and build on donor relationships. Each donor receives an automated personalised email thank you from the charity after payment is made. Click here to to see a short video of how it works.

A lot of charities use silent auction technology at events, do you offer this feature?

Not currently. However, we are compatible with mainstream silent auction technology such as iBid. We compliment their silent bidding process by processing donor payments, at the event, via the DONATE platform. This removes the need for PDQ machines, captures donor data (subject to donor’s permission) and collects Gift Aid for the charity. In addition guests can also pay for one off donations and text donations. Total payments are fed live to totaliser screen.

Are there any other particular benefits for charities?

Our aim is to maximise the funds raised so we don’t charge set up costs or monthly fees. Our charges are kept to a minimum to cover 1/3 party card charges, ongoing technical development, marketing, and admin.

What happens after the actual event?

Once donor payments are cleared and Gift Aid on eligible donations is collected the National Funding Scheme will forward funds less our charges to the charity.

Which charities are already involved?

Our clients include a whole range of arts charities (Southbank, National Portrait Gallery), Mencap, Sir Bobby Charlton’s charity Find A Better Way, Muscle Help Foundation and others.

As an example we used the technology (screen, smartphones and tablets) at a recent event where their target was to raise £500, they raised just short of £9,000 including gift aid claimed on the donations.

Click here for more information case studies.

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