How your charity can boost Twitter engagement

| 14th Nov 14

Twitter is a great way for charities to reach out to their existing supporters, bring in new ones and encourage people to support their campaigns. Do it wrong and risk alienating a lot of people.

Here are six top tips for improving Twitter engagement:

  1. Use image psychology. Research has shown that images of people’s faces have the highest click through-rate.
  2. Employ self-perception theory. Determine how your customers identify themselves and create tweets that are consistent with that vision.
  3. Keep it simple. Use short paragraphsto build suspense and gain more click-throughs. Also, create hashtags you can use regularly.
  4. Use reverse psychology. When you tell people notto read something, it’s likely they will click on it. When used sparingly, it can be a great tactic.
  5. Use initial capitals. Studies have shown that readers prefer reading sentences where the first letter of each primary word is capitalised.

It’s easy to post any old tweet without thinking about why a user may click or retweet you. Take time to create a Twitter marketing strategy and post tweets that speak to your supporters.