Post Office raising money for Children in Need via Twitter

| 12th Nov 14

The Post Office will allow users to donate through Twitter to raise money for BBC Children in Need, becoming the first UK-organisation to employ the social tool for money-raising.

The company’s “Be A Hero Campaign” rolls out ahead of the main fundraising evening this Friday (14th November).

Twitter users will be able to donate by tweeting @PostOffice with the hashtag #MakeMeAHero. Users will then receive a direct message with a link to donate £ 1, £2 or £5, which will then be added to their phone bill.

Users will then be prompted to enter their phone number, and will be sent a personalised code via text to complete the donation.

All proceeds go to BBC Children in Need.

Peter Markey, the Post Office’s chief marketing officer, said: “As a business, the Post Office is modernising to meet the needs of customers across the UK, and we know innovation can’t stop in branch or on our website.

“Being the first organisation in the UK to give customers the ability to donate to a charity so close to the nation’s heart by simply tweeting to donate is a social media barrier we’re delighted to break through.”

The BBC Children in Need television appeal will be broadcast on BBC One this Friday.