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Have a lie-in and donate to charity: iCukoo app

A new alarm clock app has been created by Chelsea Apps Factory which donates money to charity every time users press the snooze button.

iCukoo asks users to choose a charity to support from a selection of five including Maggie’s, the National Literary Trust, Parkinson’s UK, Prostate Cancer UK and Starlight. They also choose the donation amount for every sneaky snooze, from 10p to £1.

Donations are capped at £30 a month per snoozer.

Josh Hart, a Partner at Chelsea Apps Factory, said: We’re totally Cuckoo for iCukoo! We’ve spent the past 4 years mobilising blue chip businesses and we are now incredibly excited to be in the fortunate position where we can help some of these amazing charities with their wonderful causes. Mobile software is now so intrinsic to our lives – we all spend money with apps. This is one of those opportunities where we as consumers can take something we do every day, snoozing, and, using an app, meld it with something we should be doing every day – helping others. And there’s the added benefit that we’ll be snoozing guilt free from now on!”

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  • Paul James

    This app has a very neat design although I personally prefer WakeOrDonate’s charitable alarm clock. Both apps follow a similar concept although WakeOrDonate also allows you to track sleep statistics and offers a larger selection of charities that you can donate to.
    I read up a little about it and it turns out WakeOrDonate actually won a prize from the telecommunications company, TalkTalk, earlier this year for their innovative work.
    I use WakeOrDonate religiously but I still lie-in far too often! I recommend you get it now instead