Social entrepreneurs introduce Carebnb to combat Ebola

| 28th Oct 14

Two social entrepreneurs aiming to raise funds and awareness for the combating of Ebola in West Africa have  launched a new campaign, Carebnb, which invites visitors to ‘book a stay’ in one of five countries which have played host to Ebola treatment or outbreaks.

Taking the groundings of Airbnb, a website which allows you to rent unique places to stay from local hosts, visitors to the site instead book a night of care and treatment on behalf of someone affected by the virus in West Africa where care is limited and medical volunteers lack training.

Carebnb re-grants 100% of donations to Médecins sans Frontières, a leading nonprofit combating the virus. Funds will go toward helping teams replenish supplies, train staff and deploy more tents to serve rapidly increasing numbers of victims.

Site creator, Matthias Metternich, says: “We’ve used our skills to build several for-profit products and services that disrupt or innovate things, but it’s not everyday that you can apply these skills to make a difference and even help save the world. Rather than donate $100, we challenged ourselves to apply the tools we have to create something with the potential to capture imaginations and rally people toward a common goal globally. We’re thrilled to see Carebnb take off the way it has and proud to prove that small ideas born from behind a desk can change lives in places far from home.”