Snapdonate launches world’s first logo-recognition app for charities

| 28th Oct 14

SnapDonate has launched the world’s first logo-recognition app designed for charities. Those looking to donate simply point their smartphone at a charity logo and the app will instantly know which one this, allowing people to give on the go.

Every charity has a logo and this app turns it into a digital fundraising tool, deducting no fees, showing no ads, and storing no personal information about donors.

All donations are handled by JustGiving and charities get the added bonus of automatic Gift Aid with each donation.

Nick Georgiadis, head of Direct Giving for Cancer Research UK, said: “In a society that is increasingly moving away from cash as a way of conducting payments, it’s important charities make use of innovative ways for supporters to donate. Any technology solution that makes charity giving easier and straightforward is welcomed. SnapDonate will increase the options for tech-savvy donors looking to support Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.”

Mark Warrick, Founder and CTO of The SnapDonate Foundation said: “The amount of money that charities are at risk of missing out on is staggering. Something has to be done now to avoid this becoming a big problem – and that’s why we created SnapDonate. There’s been a huge buzz around the app since we introduced it to industry experts at the Institute of Fundraising’s 2014 Innovation Conference, and several charities are already testing it for use in their own campaigns. I’m excited to help charities defuse this timebomb and not lose out on vital donations merely because they haven’t offered supporters a viable alternative to cash. From today onwards, there is.”

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