WaveLength uses celebs to support fight againt loneliness

| 22nd Oct 14

WaveLength, the charity providing free TVs, radios and tablet computers to fight loneliness among isolated people living in poverty, is welcoming celebrity ambassadors for the first time. YES legend Rick Wakeman, Miss UK Kirsty Rose Heslewood, and comedians Miki Travis and Freddie ‘Parrot Face’ Davis have committed to helping raise awareness of WaveLength’s work through public appearances, online activism and other interactions with fans.

The ambassadors will give insight into the effect TV and radio programmes can have on isolated and lonely people. They know that their friendly faces and voices can make a huge difference for the UK’s “hidden army” of lonely people unable to regularly leave the house due to illness, disability, old age or mental health issues. Some 56% of WaveLength’s beneficiaries only see family or friends once a week – and another 30% see them even less than that – leaving TV and radio as their main companions day to day.