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How to enhance your charity’s website

An outdated website is a main thing that puts off donors so, although charities don’t need to spend tons of money or effort on their internet presence, there are some basic things which if done right will greatly improve their online image.

Often, a website is the first port of call for donors and an outdated one is sure to put them off. Keeping these 4 points in mind is a great way to get started on improving your web presence.

Social media buttons should be clearly visible

They should be located somewhere obvious and hard to miss and should stay on the sidebar or on the top when users are scrolling through the pages.

Analyitcs reporting

Collect analytics, such as where the traffic to the website comes from and what the most viewed pages are, and use the information to improve the website according.

Content that is relevant and up-to-date

Another put off is when news or blogs are months old. They should be not only be updated frequently with news about your charity as well as opinion pieces, insight pieces and guest posts but should also be well-written.

Voice ready

Previously, it was important that your website worked on all devices, be they tablets, phablets, laptops or mobiles. Now, it is also important that your website is voice ready. For instance, if someone asks Google Now or Siri when your next fundraiser is and is able to get the right answer, that’s a major win.

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