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Charity partners video game creators to explain realities of war

Charity War Child has partnered with 11 Bit Studios, the developers behind the soon-to-be-released game This War of Mine.

Played from the perspective of civilians caught up in conflict, the game is about individual survival, staying safe and staying alive in dangerous and volatile environments.

Like War Child, 11 Bit Studios strongly believe that children should not be affected by war and share a vision of a world in which children are safe and can fulfil their rights to a childhood, an education and a positive future.

This relationship will not only raise vital funds for War Child but also vital awareness of the issues faced by children affected by conflict amongst players of This War of Mine.

“This War of Mine is not just a game. It allows people to act their part in a war drama based on day-to-day reality of civilians suffering during armed conflicts, including children. We want to draw attention to the uncomfortable, but important topics that are too often absent from the public discourse.“Thanks to the cooperation with War Child, we will be able to reach even more people giving them something to think about, and raise money for the good cause.” Grzegorz Miechowski, CEO 11 bit studios

The initiative is part of the Real War is Not a Game campaign, which aims to engage players and developers of war games in the reality of war for children.

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