Oxfam rolls out cloud storage platform Box to boost collaboration

| 17th Oct 14

Oxfam has rolled out cloud storage platform Box for content storage and collaboration in its central organisation.

The charity plans to deploy the platform to its 2,000 employees in the UK as well as the 10,000 employees working in its 17 affiliate organisations in 90 countries in a bid to help in its efforts to centralise content management governance.

Grant Holton-Picard, technical infrastructure manager at Oxfam said: “We have teams across the globe working on hundreds of projects. Box will provide us a smooth, unified, way of accessing content and a brilliant collaboration platform across the Oxfam family. Being able to share precious information instantaneously across continents – from capital cities to the remotest locations – is vital for improving staff collaboration and organisational impact.”

David Quantrell, Box’s senior vice president and general manager of Europe, said: “Oxfam does incredible work in the world’s most vulnerable areas. Box helps enable secure content sharing, collaboration and mobility with robust admin controls to securely run the global organisation.”