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Donors pose in their underwear for #Pants2HIV campaign

Gay men’s health charity GMFA has launched a new social media campaign encouraging donors to take photos of themselves in their underwear, share the image, donate £5, and nominate friends to do the same, all in a bid to raise money for the fight against HIV.

Those tweeting images are encouraged to use the hashtag #Pants2HIV, and text ‘GMFA14 £5’ to 70070.

GMFA’s Chief Executive, Matthew Hodson, said, “If we’re going to be able to have honest discussions about what it means to live with HIV then we’ve got to get beyond the point where nobody is willing to talk about it. If we want gay men of all ages and backgrounds to think about HIV as an issue that affects them, and to seek out information about how to prevent transmission, then we need to get people talking about HIV.”

“GMFA’s annual running costs are about the same as it costs to treat just one gay man living with HIV. With changes to the way that HIV prevention is funded, it’s much harder to get money for information services that serve the whole gay community, like our websites and FS magazine. Pants2HIV can help us raise the vital funds that we need to keep these projects going, to challenge the silence around HIV and to draw attention to the fact that gay men continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV.”

“In just a few days, #Pants2HIV has got gay men talking about HIV – and about how much their health and their community means to them.”

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