Addressing the tech skills gap in the charity sector

| 16th Oct 14

The rise of technology has provided charities with a wealth of opportunities to spread their messages, expand their communities and raise money for their cause.

In a recent article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector network, Charlotte Simmonds spoke to Richard Cooper, director of programmes at the Tech Trust, asking how a lack of digital, IT and tech skills can be addressed in the charity sector.

So what are the barriers facing the third sector when it comes to uptake and integration of technology? Cooper says there are three: cost, strategy and skills. He said: “One of the biggest issues we see is managers and trustees who don’t know what technology can do for them. Lots still view technology as a necessary evil, rather than something they can exploit. Their expertise probably lies in their mission. If you’ve got a strategic-level person who understands tech, it’s normally by accident, not by design.”

“It’s a chicken and egg thing – if you don’t understand the benefits of technology then you’re not going to justify the cost. Who wants to be seen spending money at the back end that could be spent on the frontline?”