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7 online fundraising tips for charities

If your charity is just dipping its toes into the pool of online fundraising, check out these seven top tips which will help you take that all-important leap and get the donations rolling in.

1. Get marketing. Promote your online fundraising capacity in newsletters, on your website, and social media channels.

2. Explore all options. Would you rather set up your own system to process credit card donations, or go through a company which offers the service?

3. Make your website attractive and easy to navigate. Include a call to action button which stands out on the page.

4. Avoid email spamming as it’s likely to put off potential donors rather than draw them in.

5. Show people what previous donations have achieved. On your website, include testimonials and video content of money going to good use.

6. Segment your donors. Segment based on age, gender, income, interests, previous giving history, geography, or role, such as donor or volunteer and develop versions of your email campaigns to fit targeted groups.

7. Don’t forget to say thank you! Ensure that online donors get an email that’s more than just a receipt.

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  • Great quick tips. Its so important to get these basics done brilliantly!

    I’d also add; get your technology into a state you can practically forget it. Having simple and easy to use tools means you can focus on the important stuff.