Mind charity appoints YouTube star as digital ambassador

| 13th Oct 14

Mental health charity Mind has chosen YouTube star Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella, as its new digital ambassador.

The popular British vlogger is launching the initiative #DontPanicButton, which aims to raise awareness of anxiety and panic attacks in young people. Zoe herself suffers from panic attacks and uses her video blog to share personal experiences and give valuable advice about how to deal with them.

The idea behind the campaign is to shift the concept of the panic button, making it a positive sign instead. Zoe will encourage other anxiety sufferers to wear a red button and upload a photo along with the hashtag.

Paul Farmer, CEO for Mind, says: “Zoe is an inspiration to many and in speaking candidly about her own battles, has given others the confidence to seek help. We are absolutely thrilled to have her on board as a Digital Ambassador for the charity, and know that together we can have an even bigger impact in stamping out the stigma around mental health.”