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New social network set to change the face of corporate giving

An innovative new social network,, has just been launched, which aims to connect charity and community projects with companies.

neighbourly provides a free online platform for nonprofit groups to promote projects where corporate support is required but that might otherwise fall under the radar of larger businesses. It offers a mapped database of local projects with information on the team, goals, supporters and what help is needed, for example financial donations or volunteer support. Project pages are designed to be shared on social media so that local individuals can follow the project to show support and track its progress.

The website’s technology enables businesses interested in increasing community involvement to quickly identify and follow the projects that are most relevant to them and in the right geographic area.

Nick Davies, founder and CEO of neighbourly says: “Businesses, both locally and nationally, are very aware of the need to demonstrate a robust CSR policy but translating that into actual activity and identifying the right projects to engage with can be complicated and time-consuming.  At the same time we know that there are a huge number of relatively small charities and non-profit groups out there desperate for support. We developed in response to that – it provides a simple, yet effective means of bringing the two parties together. We’ve been excited by the response so far and now, with the development phase of the project at an end, we want to raise awareness of the network with local community groups and charities and also encourage the business community to get on board.”


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