How Quantcast helped Concern Worldwide raise €85,000 for disaster relief campaign

| 3rd Oct 14

Concern worldwideWhen disaster struck the Philippines on the 8th November 2013, global charity Concern Worldwide needed to act fast and raise money quickly to help those in need.

Understanding the immediacy of the online environment, the charity created new display ads designed to increase awareness and drive new donations, which Quantcast immediately rolled out across its live campaigns.

Combining its Beyond Big data set and Predictive Intelligence, Quantcast was able to match the custom audience profile for the Concern Worldwide donor against its real-time view of the web to connect with the highest-value matches through targeted advertising.

As more donors flocked to the site, its real-time bidding adapted to the shifting demographic, enabling Concern Worldwide to more quickly and effectively reach similar online consumers across the web. This helped the charity raise a total of €85,000 which provided relief to over 400 families.

Adrian O’Flynn, digital marketing manager at Concern Worldwide, said: “Quantcast exceeded expectations by delivering a CPA 83% below goal. During a disaster relief campaign, their model adapted to a changing donor profile delivering a significant boost in conversions.”

Download the full case study below to learn more about how Quantcast and Concern Worldwide achieved this: