Global study warns charities to stop tampering with brand properties

| 3rd Oct 14

A global study on brand properties such as shape, slogan, sound, symbols, celebrity, has revealed a major opportunity for building iconic charity brands using a scientific approach that draws on neuroscience and psychology.

The study also warns that charities may be destroying brand memory structure, damaging supporter confidence, and even promoting competitors, if they continue to chop and change their brand properties based on subjective decision-making or as the result of staff changes.

Managing director of Decode Marketing Phil Barden said: “One reason for the current, and narrow, perspective on brand properties is a misconception about how the consumer, or supporter’s, brain perceives and processes brand properties. Charities continue to focus on the obvious – logos and colour – whereas properties such as shape, sound and image can be powerful assets in building iconic brands, something we see so clearly in some of the major charities brands – you only have to think about a poppy or a red cross, a panda, a daffodil for powerful and evocative brand recall.”