Charities to gain free advice from IT professionals

| 2nd Oct 14

Charities are set to benefit from a new initiative, GiveADay, which will see senior technology professionals from UK companies paired up with charities to provide free advice on security and data protection.

Amar Singh, GiveADay founder and data privacy and security executive said: “Charities are in a particularly vulnerable position – they hold a lot of sensitive data on both their service users and donors.” 

Martyn Croft, co-founder of the Charities Securities Forum (CSF) and chief information officer at the Salvation Army, said: “For GiveADay to facilitate easy access to freely given expertise in this way is a fantastic opportunity for all charities to further enhance the information security so essential to their work.”

Ian Chivers, director of finance and operations at GOSHCC, said: “Our members – service users and supporters alike – trust us with a lot of their personal data. Protecting their private information is of utmost importance to us and we are delighted that the UK’s best talent are willing to help us with this, via the GiveADay movement.”


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