Help the Hospices to become Hospice UK following rebrand

| 1st Oct 14

Help the Hospices has become Hospice UK following a rebrand aimed at increasing awareness about the diversity of hospice care and reflecting the charity’s leadership role working collaboratively with its members to create a stronger voice for the sector.

The national charity also refreshed logo, which still retains the sunflower image that has long been symbolically associated with hospice care.

Development of both the new brand and website has been led by digital marketing agency Itineris which have worked on this project since the start of the year.

David Praill, Chief Executive of Hospice UK, said: “After 30 years our name and brand had become rather dated. We needed to update and rejuvenate it to help increase awareness about the diversity of hospice care. We also wanted it to more accurately reflect our role, working collaboratively with our members to champion their vital work. They have actively shaped and driven these changes.

“Our new brand seeks to embody the breadth, dynamism and flexibility of modern hospice care. These are exciting times for the sector and we are confident our new brand, along with our new membership structure, will strengthen our collective voice.”

The Hospice UK website goes live mid-October.