10 e-Newsletter best practices for charities

| 30th Sep 14

Despite the rapid rise of social media, email remains a key channel for charities looking to connect with their supporters.

Here are ten e-Newsletter best practices that can help your nonprofit raise more funds online:

  1. Ensure that your emails can be read on a mobile device.
  2. Keep text to a minimum and focus on 1-5 stories or calls-to-action
  3. Keep a donate button and social media icons at the top of the newsletter
  4. Enable social sharing
  5. Use video screenshots linking directly to your website or YouTube channel
  6. Test sending your e-Newsletter more regularly
  7. Subject lines need to be short and eye-catching
  8. Encourage people to sign up to your e-Newsletter through your website and blog
  9. Create ‘Subscribe’ graphics to promote on social networks
  10. Avoid sending BCC emails with attached PDFs which will be marked as spam.