Half of nonprofits in UK reporting no income from Gift Aid

An increase from 4% in 2013

Bhar Sriram | 29th Sep 14
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According to the 2014 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry (SONI) report by Blackbaud, half of UK’s nonprofits are reporting no income from Gift Aid.

The survey of 423 NFP professionals revealed that on average, Gift Aid represented 6% of total income for the 219 UK respondents. This is an increase from 4% in 2013, indicating that while fewer NFPs may be receiving Gift Aid, the amounts received increased. 43% of respondents are using fundraising or donor management systems to process their Gift Aid claims, with nearly a quarter simply using spreadsheets.

Jerome Moisan, managing director, Blackbaud Europe, said: “It’s far from ideal that more NFPs are not reporting income from Gift Aid, as it is effectively lost revenue. The changes put in place last year by HMRC to allow for easier processing of Gift Aid claims do not seem to have filtered through and perhaps has even put some NFPs off. This is something that NFPs of all sizes need to be mindful of.”

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