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Check One Two teams with Brandwatch to launch #feelingnuts campaign

Brandwatch has joined forces with charitable organisation Check One Two in a bid to end testicular cancer as a cause of death.

The campaign, driven by the hashtag #feelingnuts, encourages social media users to take a picture of them performing a crotch grab, to highlight how easy it is to check for the early signs of testicular cancer, before challenging their friends to do the same. Many celebrities, including Ricky Gervais, Usain Bolt, and One Direction, are involved by helping to spread the message.

Check One Two will be measuring the campaign’s success through visibility and awareness, a key factor of which is social media.  Brandwatch will monitor the success of the movement by measuring how many people are being made aware of the campaign, who these people are and whether or not they are engaging with the movement.

Andrew Salter, co-founder of Check One Two, said: Brandwatch Analytics allows us to monitor the tangible success of this socially-driven, health awareness campaign. The social data of the campaign shows us the reach of the movement, not just how many people are learning about it and talking about it online, but also the number of people checking themselves – which is undeniably the most important figure for success for #feelingnuts.


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