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What could £6,000 per month in free online advertising mean for your charity?

The Google Grants programme offers free advertising on the Google AdWords platform to qualifying charities, providing access to the same AdWords pay-per-click platform used by millions of businesses worldwide.

Charities can get up to $10,000 (over £6,000) per month of in-kind advertising on the platform, giving you premium ad slots next to relevant search engine results with very few strings attached.

If used properly, the Google Grants programme can be hugely beneficial to charities, greatly increasing the amount of relevant site traffic, which can help charities achieve their long term goals and objectives.

However, running a PPC account for non-profits requires a different approach from a normal paid PPC campaign. There are different patterns of conversion to take account of, as well as many other ways to take advantage of each visitor and build a long term relationship with them.

James Quin from Q4 Internet Marketing (Q4IM), specialists in helping charities set up and run their Google AdWords activities says:

“This grant of $10,000 per month (with the possibility of being increased to $40,000 per month) is substantial, and more than many charities’ overall marketing budget, so this should not be looked at as ‘free money’. Rather, think of it as if it were your charity budget which needs to produce results and a proper ROI.”

Many charities don’t have the in-house resources or expertise to manage this programme, or optimise a campaign so that it produces results.  Solution is to engage an external supplier who can help with everything, from applying for the programme, optimising your SEM activities and analysing ongoing performance. That is where services such as Q4IM come in, which can be acquired for surprisingly low monthly fees. James explains:

“We have indepth experience both with PPC campaigns and also in dealing with charities. We don’t just create a campaign and let it run. We first get a thorough understanding of a charity’s goals, aims and its cause, as well as a profile of its various audiences, suggesting creative approaches to really amplify campaigns.”

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