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5 things you need to know about charity crowdfunding

Crowdfunding provides a great opportunity for charities to extend their reach, raise awareness and to find new donors.

In a recent article for the Guardian, Jess Ratty brand communications manager at Crowdfunder shares her top tips.

  1. Prepare. Have a clear idea of what you are funding, a set fundraising target and timeframe.
  2. Build your team, giving individual roles. Spread the responsibilities across the whole organisation rather than just the fundraising team, encouraging people to share the campaign on their own social networks.
  3. Have realistic goals. Simon Walker, head coach at Crowdfunder, said: “Charities will need to think about how they can create fantastic rewards that benefit what they are raising the funds for – and giving their supporters a real, tangible reason to pledge.”
  4. Reward your supporters. When people pledge, give them a gift to say thank you. Get in touch with local businesses to ask for products that can be used as rewards for the campaign.
  5. Warm up your community before the project goes live. Send emails, promote the campaign on social media and encourage your supporters to share the link to the crowdfunding site.
  6. Once it’s live, keep momentum. Set up a dedicated hashtag to ensure people keep talking about the campaign and continue to promote it.

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