Video conferencing service a game changer for the charitable sector

Centerprise International has launched a super-fast, highly secure and flexible video conferencing service which could be a game changer for the charitable sector.

Mix Connect runs on its own private and encrypted network and requires no equipment to use – it can run on a company’s existing laptops, PCs, tablets or smartphones. This feature will be particularly beneficial to charities which often need to connect with remote workers and volunteers.

Richard Austin, a Director at Centerprise International, said: “Video conferencing has a host of benefits – it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s green because it cuts down on travel and a video call is much more personal than a phone call. The people you are meeting with are more engaged while on a video call than they are on a phone call because it’s much less easy to be distracted when you are face-to-face with your colleagues.

“Despite these obvious advantages it’s clear from our research that many business leaders have not used video conferencing for a long time, perhaps because they were frustrated by its limitations while the technology was in its infancy.”

Click here for more information about the two-week trial.

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