New secure charity payment service could generate millions

Charities across the UK could benefit from a new automated payment system launching this month, developed by unified communications specialist Voice Connect in association with Lloyd’s Bank. The service, known as Charity Box, aims to help increase the volume of charitable donations and improve security around the process.

Charity Box can take payments via telephone, smartphone or online 24/7, 365 days a year. It also enables donors to connect using a direct link contained within a text message or QR code. The system has been approved by the Institute of Fundraising, and its first clients have already started to collect donations.

Stefan Olsberg, MD of developer Voice Connect, said: “Making secure payments can be a real concern for donors.  At the same time, charities don’t always have sufficient capacity to cope with a high level of responses to successful campaigns or disaster appeals. Using an automated system like Charity Box improves access and flexibility for donors, whilst reducing the exposure to risk that paying over the phone involves.”

“Using staff in call centres can be expensive and limits donation lines to office hours. People are most likely to donate immediately after seeing an appeal, which is why having an operation that runs 24/7 as well as on a smartphone is essential.”

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