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Innovative web app turns internet browsing into charity donations

Online charity-funding company Tab for a Cause is leading the way in innovative fundraising by allowing millions of users to donate to their favourite charities just by surfing the internet.

The concept is simple; once installed, the free web app transforms any newly opened tab on your Chrome or Firefox web browser into a charity collecting hub, raising money from the banner advertisements which populate the new page without the need for extra clicks and donating them to its affiliated charities.

The web app is now fully equipped with a number of features from practical widgets that allow the user to customise their pages to customised background themes. It also gives use ‘Levels’ and ‘Hearts,’ a measure of the charitable impact of the money the user has raised from browsing the web.

Co-founder Alex Groth said: “Our platform lets users be more interactive and creative with their tabs, allowing them to customise their new tab page while maintaining the core of what our company set out to do, raise money for a number of globally recognised charities. Users earn ‘Hearts’ every time they open a tab and can donate these Hearts to boost the support of their favourite charities.”

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