How to use donor data to boost fundraising

| 9th Sep 14

What charities know about donor habits, demographics and interests is the difference between an average and an outstanding fundraising drive.

In a recent article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector network, Ben Carter, director of business development at the online petition platform shares his top tips how to use donor data to take fundraising to the next level.

1. Ensure your coding system makes sense and is future-proof. Provide clear guidance on what the codes mean so that everyone in your organisation can understand it.

2. Build a culture of data cooperation, bringing data together.

3. Look at the gaps in your database and use this knowledge to reach out to new demographics in creative ways.

4. Data can tell you exactly which combination of activities your supporters get involved with, helping you plan your next move.

5. Use segmentation to know who to contact, when to contact them and what to say.

6. Test everything, test early, and test repeatedly.

7. Pay attention to statistics but beware of basing assumptions on tests using small sample sizes.