Unifying donor data for a consistent donor experience (Webinar)

On Thursday 4th September at 2pm, CDS Global is holding a free webinar, ‘Unifying donor data for a consistent donor experience’ which will demonstrate how your charity can harness donor data to create meaningful relationships and deliver a fantastic donor experience.

Fundraisers and marketers today have to cope with the problems caused by big data and constantly evolving online and offline channels of donor communication. It’s no wonder donor conversations and interactions can become repetitive, inconsistent across channels, or inappropriate.

You will learn:

  • How to collect and manage online and offline data in order to truly understand your donors
  • Why a unified donor experience is essential for organisational growth
  • Common inconsistencies and gaps in the donor experience, and how to handle them
  • How to use data to track donor interactions, and use this information to improve donor communications across multiple channels

Click here to register.


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