Revolutionary website designed for the blind

A website designed in Dorset specifically for blind and partially sighted people is a national step forward in accessibility consideration.

Dorset Blind Association aims to make life better for blind and partially sighted people and made a website reflecting that philosophy. It features very large font, simple and brief text, clear and minimal design, simple navigation.  It is easy to adjust the font size, and has a number of colour options. For those with little or no sight, the website reads the text aloud.

People with various sight-conditions were involved in the project from the outset, and it was launched to the visually impaired community before the actual launch date, to gain valuable feedback.

Jaya Da Costa, the charity’s Fundraising Manager said: “We really hope that our efforts to put our beneficiaries first in this way will allow us to stand out from other charities. During the development we continually searched for a website that was as accessible for all levels of sight, and we believe ours is the forefront of accessibility technology, particularly among UK sight-loss charities.”

Nicolas-Pierre, the volunteer who worked full-time on the website for 3-months says: “It is hard to say if the design and accessibility functions we developed will be considered by the visitors and the webmaster community as ‘a bit of fun’ or a real step forward in considering the accessibility of today’s and future websites.”

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