GoodSAM app set to transform immediate medical response

A new app has been developed by London’s Air Ambulance which uses GPRS technology to alert trained first responders to emergencies within their immediate reach.  With over 1,500 first responders currently signed up as Good Samaritans across the UK, the creators are now appealing to members of the public to become ‘alerters.’

Through the GoodSAM app, trained first responders including doctors, nurses, firefighters, paramedics, police officers and medical students can register to be alerted to incidents in their surrounding area and could be on scene within minutes.  With a built-in Defibrilocator function, app users can also easily identify public access defibrillators.

Neurosurgeon and London’s Air Ambulance Doctor Mr Mark Wilson said: “GoodSAM can revolutionise our ability to get to the patient immediately and improve outcomes. Harnessing the community for the benefit of the community. Effectively what the app does is enable someone to shout for help, really loudly – even through walls – so the anaesthetist in the book shop knows that the man in the coffee shop next door is having a cardiac arrest.”

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