Celebrities film themselves explaining importance of bees

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has created a video of celebrities explaining why the bumblebee is important to society, as part of its mission to help save the UK’s bumblebees.

| 22nd Aug 14

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust asked celebrities why the bumblebee is so important to society, as part of its mission to help save the UK’s bumblebees. 

Responsible for pollinating our crops and wildflowers, ensuring the food we need can grow and be harvested, bumblebees are a necessary part of our existence.

The trust teamed up with Ben Fogle, Valentine Warner, Martha Kearney and Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame, among others to create a video that highlights some of the more important reasons as to why we need the bumblebee to exist and what losing the bumblebee would really mean.

The video also shows celebrities stating that without bumblebees, many favourite foods would disappear, such as tomatoes, peas and beans. Bumblebees are Britain’s wild pollinating workforce, and without them strawberries, apples and raspberries will be far too expensive to purchase, as farmers would need to hand pollinate or in the worst case Britain would be unable to produce these crops and would need to import. Meaning no more British strawberries!

See the video below.