Media Bubble: helping charities with a small budget benefit from social media

In an age where public finance for charity has significantly diminished, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be used significantly to reach out to supporters.

UK-based social media training company Media Bubble is on a mission to help charities become socially visible within a small budget, by training people about social media, strategizing social media presence and setting guidelines about the use of social media.

A spokesperson for Media Bubble said: “Using social media to talk about charities is not new. In fact, UNICEF has asked celebrities to tweet about their favourite cause as part of its digital approach. We help small charities use social media in a way that their budget would ideally never allow them through conventional channels.”

“We optimise fundraising opportunities and reduce the cost incurred on promoting awareness ideally spent on conventional methods. We also help charities to build a contact network and seek potential donors. But most important of all, we empower these organisations to all of these themselves.”

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