4 reasons for the success of WaterAid’s donation landing page

A good donation landing page has the potential to influence almost every visitor, yet many charities overlook the importance of a conversion-friendly website when looking for donations or volunteers.

Charities can learn a lot from WaterAid’s website. Check out these key points which make it stand out as a shining example:

1. The website features a very prominent ‘Donate Now’ button in a contrasting colour, drawing the visitor’s eye immediately.

2. All content has been carefully constructed and the use of language promotes a sense of urgency. The charity adopts a positive tone of voice and outlines exactly what a donation could achieve.

3. Donors can be put off by lengthy forms to fill in. WaterAid unlocks form sections as previous sections are completed, making the process less daunting.

4. To stop the donor from getting bored and giving up when filling out the form, the charity’s USP that the ‘Government will match your donation’ remains clearly visible and provides even more incentive.

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