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Age UK South Tyneside cuts costs and secures data with help from Atlas Cloud

Age UK is working with cloud computing company Atlas Cloud to cut its costs and teach an older generation of students how to master the web.

The South Tyneside region of the charity is ensuring it has a future-proof system in place, and teaches regular classes from its headquarters.

Age UK’s South Tyneside CEO John Briers said: “We have 30 staff using the system, but the new set-up also allows us to have six training seats where we can teach our customers about the latest technology. Being cloud-based means we can give them the latest updates as soon as they are available.”

“We had been facing a large hardware cost and an increasing level of data security requirements.”

Atlas Cloud’s Chief Operating Officer and founder Phil Richardson said: “There are different benefits for companies moving to cloud technology. For some it is the environmental benefit of not having a stack of servers in the office, for others like Age UK it is making sure they and their customers automatically get the latest technology and don’t have to handle data protection concerns.

“It’s an added bonus for us that our technology is helping an older generation learn about the internet. It can seem daunting when you come to use new technology for the first time, so a safe and secure environment helps.”

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