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Top 6 tips for social media risk management

The reputational risks of charities using social media are obvious but the risk of not getting involved can be far greater.

Take a look at these top tips for how charity leaders should approach social media risk management:

1. Isolate the social media risks and apply appropriate resources to each. Include social media in the charity’s enterprise risk management to help mitigate risks and identify opportunities.

2. Provide social media guidelines for employees, and hold regular meetings to monitor sites and retain consistency.

3. Use specialist tracking tools that report on keywords and sentiment in social media. It gives you the chance to step in if negative reports are circulating.

4. Train staff at all levels to identify risks and provide the means to counter them.

5. Control who has access to social media, when they should join the conversation and how they should speak.

6. Keep guidelines simple, open and accessible. Avoid creating obstacles that create an overly cautious approach.

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