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Shelter goes live with SOS practice management system

UK charity Shelter has selected Solicitors Own Software (SOS) to enable legal aid billing which will be linked to its case management software, to be used by staff across 17 locations nationwide.

The charity handles a large number of housing cases involving Legal Aid and so needed a robust software system which can cope with the quantity and complexity of its caseload.

Stuart McSkimming, head of IT at Shelter, said: “This was quite a complex process as it involved integrating SOS’s best practice in billing with our ‘best of breed’ Cloud CRM system. Nonetheless the SOS team’s professionalism, knowledge and willingness to find solutions helped us get through each stage of the project and made delivery happen in a very short timeframe.

“They provided insightful, intelligent and good humoured project management, and were tireless in their development support, helping us implement best practice with legal aid, migrating our old data, training and floorwalking, and generally in getting everything in place for go live.”

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