Advanced announces product integration between donor management and ticketing solutions

Advanced Business Solutions announces that its Donor Strategy and Advanced Web ticketing products can now be integrated to create a solution for not-for-profit organisations.

| 31st Jul 14

Advanced Business Solutions announced that its Donor Strategy and Advanced Web ticketing products can now be integrated to create a powerful solution for not-for-profit organisations. Charities, membership and arts & heritage organisations will now be able to integrate the web-based ticketing solution with the Advanced donor management CRM solution, to give better control of fundraising and membership management alongside the ability to  set up and sell tickets and promote events from their own branded website.

Donor Strategy allows not-for-profit organisations to manage all their CRM and fund-raising activities from a single solution, providing a holistic view of donors, supporters and members. This allows for better management of fundraising programmes and the take-up and use of membership services.

A large percentage of these organisations also hold events that require the purchase of tickets and customers will be able to take advantage of the extended ticketing functionality available in Advanced Web. This includes a fully branded and responsive website with seat selection as well as immediate access to funds from ticket purchases to support cash flow.

Traditional sources of funding for charities and other not-for-profit organisations are drying up and these organisations are having to become more commercial in their outlook to find fresh sources of income potential. Running events where they can sell tickets represents an effective revenue stream. By providing an integration point between our two solutions, organisations can easily sell tickets using Advanced Web whilst integrating data from every touch point with the customer,” said Simon Fowler, Managing Director of Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced NFP).

He continued, “The feedback we are getting from not-for-profits is that Donor Strategy’s ability to profile supporters and help develop tailored programmes to build relationships with target donors and members is invaluable. Ticketing is an important point of a transaction when people are willing to provide information about themselves, and this will help not-for-profits introduce more personalised engagement with their target audiences. Having an integrated view of their donors will also give charities the ability to evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment from running events as a fundraising strategy.”