UK online giving on the rise, according to Blackbaud

| 28th Jul 14

The average online donation in the UK has risen by almost one-third (31.8 per cent) over the past four years, according to analysis by software and services firm Blackbaud. The average online donation in 2013 was £69.70, up from £52.87 in 2010.

Blackbaud analysed its customers’ online fundraising pages over the four years between 2010 and 2013, and discovered the average online gift increasing year-on-year. 2013 saw an increase of 8.8 per cent in the average online donation compared with the 2012 average of £64.07.

Elliot Gowans, Blackbaud Europe’s General Manager said:

“Online giving will one day become far and away the most popular way of donating money to a cause. People are donating in bigger numbers and as our analysis shows, are donating a higher amount when they do. So any not-for-profit that can’t facilitate online giving needs to address this urgently. Not only are they missing out on donations to help them achieve their mission, but they are also missing out on the valuable supporter data that online giving can provide. This is arguably more important than the donation, as it gives a not-for-profit the information to help build long-term relationships with donors and increase the lifetime value of their supporters.”