Experts share top 10 tips for charities on social media

A panel of social media experts recently got together for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network’s live Q&A, to explore how charities can maximise their social media impact and guarantee success.

Here are their top ten tips for charities using social media:

  1. Social media should be part of your organisation’s culture. Allow multiple people to post on social media and use a content calendar to stay on top of plans.
  2. Engage supporters on social media and promote discussion.
  3. There’s no secret formula. Adapt to change and don’t spread yourself too thinly across multiple social media sites.
  4. Don’t just focus on Gen Y. Over 55’s are increasingly using social media and they tend to be the ones to donate.
  5. Keep posts light and talk about things other than your charity’s mission.
  6. Keep an eye out for internet trends you can jump on board with.
  7. Schedule tweets and Facebook posts for times you aren’t available.
  8. Don’t delete trolls. Respond to them, and try to change their minds.
  9. Test different types of content on your audience and see what works.
  10. Embrace analytic tools to see what kind of posts do well.

Click here to read more about what the experts had to say.

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