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12 tips for donation page success

A poorly designed donation page could be the reason your charity’s online fundraising is lacking.

Check out these top tips for ensuring your donation page is up to scratch:

  1. Write a strong headline
  2. Use fewer words  and get to the point quickly
  3. Limit paragraphs to 2-3 sentences each
  4. Draw the eye using pictures  and use white space strategically
  5. Get rid of the PayPal button
  6. Reduce steps to donate
  7. Only ask for essential details
  8. Pick one call to action and repeat it three times
  9. Use bullet points and numbered items
  10. Use large fonts and buttons
  11. Optimise the site for mobile
  12. Think about SEO.

Photo credit: Howard Lake

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  • Sophie Reindorp

    Why get rid of the PayPal button?

  • RebeccaHorsley

    Hi Sophie. In the original blog from John Haydon he says of the Paypal button: “Yes, it has that nostalgic 90s look and feel, we all love. But it’s for amateurs. Get rid of it!” See the full post here: http://www.johnhaydon.com/2014/05/14/19-ways-to-raise-more-money-from-your-donation-pages/

    I don’t think it matters too much either way – hopefully if donors have come that far, a visible PayPal button won’t put them off! :)

  • Thanks for using my photo to illustrate this item. Although it is available for use at no charge via Creative Commons, I do ask that I am credited as the photographer and there is a link to the image’s page on Flickr.com, which is at


    Thank you.

  • RebeccaHorsley

    Thanks for letting me know Howard. Have added in link and credit. Great pic!

    • Thanks for the very quick reply Rebecca. Glad you like it – spotted it at the zoo not far away from here in Colchester.