Charities failing to address shift to mobile devices

| 23rd Jul 14

According to a new study from Eduserv, ‘Optimising Charity Websites for Donations,’ the charitable sector as a whole is failing to address the opportunity to maximise fundraising through mobile devices.

The widespread failure among charities to address the new challenges presented by the shift to mobile and tablet devices as the primary point of access to the internet is highlighted by the following findings:

  • Of the 50 charities surveyed, only three (6%) had created donation journeys specific to mobile devices.
  • Four in ten charity (42%) websites are not optimised for mobile devices in any way.
  • Even where a site is optimised for mobile devices, the donation screens of four in five charities (80%) then revert to desktop donation journeys which are poorly suited to mobile.

Animal charities came top when it came to having the most donation-friendly websites, having made the greatest efforts to adapt their websites to the increasing volume of visits via mobile and tablet devices. Environment and health charities had the least donation-friendly websites.

John Simcock, Charities Director at Eduserv said: “Our digital-first world creates substantial opportunities for charities to reduce the cost per pound donated while increasing their fund-raising revenue. This study finds that while there are pockets of excellence in the way charities are approaching this opportunity, they need to work harder to keep pace with the changing consumer behaviour online.

“Charities need to urgently think about how they can adopt a more agile approach to managing and improving their websites so that they can address specific challenges like the rise of mobile internet access.”

Click here to download the full report.