A video speaks 1.8 million words

Matt Moorut | 21st Jul 14

1.8 million words – that’s what one minute’s worth of video equates to, according to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

So, why isn’t everyone utilizing video? It’s a powerful, engaging and effective tool which every charity and organisation should be tapping into. For many top companies, video spending will be a major part of their communications budget.

But what if you don’t have big budgets? How do you afford to make regular and affordable video content to engage with your audience?  How do you get around big production fees from production agencies? The answer is, make your own!

However, if like most people, you’re not a video production expert, this prospect can seem daunting. How can you make sure your charity or NGO ends up with good quality videos – either on the ground, tracking the front-line work you do, or for events and interviews – which will look professional enough to promote your brands and causes with flair?

Be Inspired Films have come up with a solution by creating their VideoKnowHow Courses, which empower charities to be able to create simple, yet effective video content by themselves.

The one and two day training courses are designed to enable you to create your own short videos – and do it well, on a budget. They are hands-on, immersive courses where you will learn to plan, film, edit and share your own short videos like a pro, using the cameras easily available to you – even if that’s just an iPhone!

To find out more, download the case study below, in which Rob Capener, Marketing and Communications Director of Railway Children, tells the story of the charity’s involvement with the course, explaining how it has benefitted them and allowed them to create great video content.

Download the full case study below: