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CRM SmartStart Programme for not-for-profit organisations

Three themes central to the mission at any not-for-profit organisation include:

  • How can we improve our fundraising capabilities?
  • How can we reduce the costs involved with running our organisation?
  • How can we connect and collaborate better with our stakeholders and the communities we serve?

And central to achieving these ambitions is the need for a CRM (customer relationship management) solution that is robust, scalable, flexible and cost-effective to implement and support.

That’s why many thousands of charity and not-for-profit organisations worldwide – of all shapes and sizes – have deployed to provide the platform they need to deliver their mission statements.

But implementing an effective CRM solution has its challenges, not least:

  • Who is my “customer”, and how do I design a CRM solution to help me deliver real value to them?
  • How do I plan and implement a CRM solution for my entire organisation, in a way that helps me deliver value for money as soon as possible?
  • Where can I get the training and support I need to ensure my system is always fit for purpose, and my users are getting the best benefits from them?

To address these and any other challenges, Hyphen8 have devised SmartStart, a programme of consulting, development and support designed to help organisations implement a powerful CRM solution (based on within a few days, and gain access to the experts they need to ensure their solutions deliver continuous value.

Hyphen8 SmartStart includes:

  • One or more workshops to scope and define the target solution
  • Design and development of the core application
  • Migration of legacy data from your existing system
  • End-User Training
  • A full 12 months of systems administration support

Click here to learn more about Hyphen8’s SmartStart programme or call them on 0207 608 5671 (or email on to explore how they can help you achieve your mission through deployment of cloud applications and technologies.

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